Dental Treatments


At Mount Vernon Dental Specialists, we offer a wide range of dental treatments:


Periodontics treatments


Oral Surgery

  • Dental extractions – surgical, non-surgical, buried/retained roots, impacted third molars
  • Closure of oroantral communications or fistulae
  • Pre-prosthetic surgery- alveolectomy, gingivectomy
  • Exposure and bonding of impacted canines
  • Removal of bony exostoses and tori
  • Frenectomies


Endodontics (root canal treatment)


Dental Implants



  • Implant-supported fixed crowns, bridges and removable prostheses

  • Management of advanced wear of the natural dentition

  • Full mouth rehabilitation of extensively compromised dentitions

  • Removable complete and partial dentures including overdentures

  • Reconstructions following trauma or surgery

  • Aesthetic improvements using evidence-based, minimally invasive ethical procedures


Restorative Dental Treatments


Cosmetic Treatments

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